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Sonnets II.


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William Shakespeare


Publisher: Jan and Jarmila Sobota, Loket, 2012


 Book sculpture for 10 miniature books.


Price: $ 4,500.-


The book object consists of 10 miniature books, embedded in a sculpture in the form of a bust of William Shakespeare.


Miniature books: 10 volumes each containing 15-16 Sonnets, were designed, published and bound in different colors of goatskin in a limited edition of 20 numbered and signed copies by Jan and Jarmila Sobota in Loket, Czech Republic, 2002.  Gold tooling and blind tooling decorates spine and front and back cover. Marbled paper doublures.

Each volume: 64 x 52 mm.   


Sculpture: The object was designed and executed by Dalibor Nesnidal. It is sculptured with using of two components’ modelling substance - Epoxy Putty. The Shakespeare’s bust stands on an antique wooden pedestal, painted with protective coating.

The inside of the top area is covered with leather.

At the bottom part of the statue are stored the books. The bottom has a leather insert.

"Collar" part is wrapped in oiled paper. Under this paper is Dalibor’s calligraphic text from the Sonnets and the names of the authors: William Shakespeare, Jan and Jarmila Sobota and Dalibor Nesnídal.

The modelling substance is combined with acrylic color. Sculpture is painted with oil colours.

Size: 350 x 170 x 90 mm.