J@J Sobotovy


By Carlo Collodi
Designed, published and completed by Jarmila Sobota in Loket, Czech Republic, 2013.
Limited edition of 13 signed and numbered books.
Price: $ 420.-
Binding description:
Visible sewing on leather strips. Each section is lined with colored strip of paper.
The title and author are printed on the middle leather strip.
The original wood covers were selected and finished by Rosie and Kim Batcheller utilizing various types of wood including Bocote, Wenge, Cherry, Paduak, Walnut, Purpleheart, Leopard Wood, Birds’s Eye, Maple, and Honduran Rosewood.
Still awailable are: WengePaduak, Walnut, Bocote and Honduran Rosewood.
Box description:
Binder’s board covered with a “wood” designed paper. The Pinocchio figure is on top of the box is laser cut veneer.
Honduran Rosewood
Once upon a time there was a woodcarver, called Geppetto who lived without any children. So he decided to make a puppet, naming 'Pinocchio' like a real boy. As he began to carve the wood he was in for a surprise when Pinocchio laughed at him. When Geppetto was finishing carving and working the wood, the puppet kicked the old man aside and ran-out of the front door. As Pinocchio was running in the street, a policeman got custody of him. But people said to the policeman that the puppet belongs to Geppetto. So the policeman arrested the old man instead of Pinocchio.
Pinocchio had to remain alone at home. When he rested in his bed a talking cricket advised him to listen to his father otherwise he’ll be sorry later. Then Pinocchio felt very hungry so he tried to cook an egg. As he put it in a hot pan a little chicken flew away. Then he sat by fire and began to sleep when Geppetto came home. The old man saw the puppet's feed had burnt. He fed some pears to Pinocchio saying, "I'll make you new feet and some clothes to go school like real boy." Geppetto was so poor he had to sell his coat to buy Pinocchio's text books. On the way to school, Pinocchio heard some exciting music that came from a puppet show. He went there and joined the show with the other puppets. At first the puppet master was angry with Pinocchio but later became quite friendly with him and gave Pinocchio five gold coins.
As Pinocchio set off for home, a fox and a cat came to steal his money but he escaped from them by climbing a tall oak tree. Luckily for Pinocchio he was rescued from the tree by a beautiful blue fairy who lived nearby. The fairy asked about his coins and he said that he had lost his money. But then his nose began to grow longer and longer. The fairy laughed and said "that’s what happens when you tell lies" she said. But he wanted to become real boy, so he asked for help from the fairy.
The fox and cat met Pinocchio again to steal his coins and this time were successful. When he asked a policeman about it, the policeman arrested Pinocchio. Meanwhile the old man went off to sea to look for Pinocchio, but his ship was wrecked in a storm.
When Pinocchio was let out of jail, he had to fun with bad boys but they all became donkeys. As Pinocchio worked as donkey in Toyland his leg became broken and he was thrown into the sea. As soon as he hit to the water Pinocchio turned into a puppet again. At the bottom of the sea a huge fish swallowed Pinocchio. Pinocchio was amazed to see Geppetto also in its belly. The blue fairy from the oak tree had been watching them and turned to Pinocchio into a real boy. So at last the old man had his child and Pinocchio was also delighted and they lived happily ever after.