J@J Sobotovy



FABLES CHOISIES                                                                                                                                Jean de La Fontaine
Binding design: Jarmila J. Sobotova                                                                                                             Letters design: Dalibor Nesnidal
Sobota’s Triple Board Binding Structure covered with light green goatskin with a fold-over.  The relief-inlaid letters are carved from bookbinding board and covered with darker green goatskin and white parchment. The edges of the middle boards, doublures and headbands are also covered with dark green goatskin. Edges are painted with acrylic colors.
Letters FAB LES, J. DE LA F. continue from the back book cover through the book back to the front panel. Author’s monogram begins with the letter J. (Jean) on the right of the front cover, continues with smaller letters DE LA applied on a flold-over and ends with cutout letter F and a dot (Fontain).
(Size: 28 x 20 x 6 cm)