J@J Sobotovy

Fables Choisines

FABLES CHOISIES                                                                                                                                   Jean de La Fontaine    


Design depicts the illustrator Claire Hénault                                                          

Material: goatskin, frog leather, elephant leather, goat horns.
Sobota Three Board Binding structure is covered with brown goatskin. Book- Box edges are covered with orange snakeskin. The centers of cover boards are oval cutouts, beneath which light goat parchment is attached. The edges of the central boards and headbands are covered with snakeskin. Doublures are covered with orange goatskin.

The binding is meant as a tribute to the illustrator Claire Henault, who connected her illustrations with the animals’ characters from the book.

In low relief, in windows, I highlighted two of her illustrations and applied them to the oval plate mounts on the books. On the front panel, two Billy-goats are fighting for La Fontaine’s masterly book. On the back panel an elephant -the largest land animal, using his strong approach, reserves the right of protection of all the worlds ‘fables. A small frog (taken from the enclosed numbered etching) on the contrary is cleverly hiding and resting inside the book.

What mattered to me is the authenticity of the covers of these animals. The sculptural frog is covered with frog leather, embossed elephant with elephant leather and even goats have horns of the goat's horn. Also, books on both reliefs are coated with a goatskins and hand gilt with 23 carat gold.

(Size: 30cm x 21 cm x 6 cm)



Box binding.