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Walter Scott
The first edition of IVANHOE published in 1820 in Edinburgh in three volumes.
Binding description:
Three volumes of IVANHOE are part of one book object depicting medieval castle. Bindings are inserted in decorative boxes. All three volumes in boxes are finally inserted in the black stand. The protective box contains a panel with original fragments from the first edition bindings.
SOBOTA binding structure used for all three volumes. Painted and tooled edges. Gray glazed goatskin on top covers, yellow goatskin in the middle, suede doublures. Raised relief with black goatskin and gold tooling used for decoration.
DECORATIVE BOXES: Reverse side of gray goatskin, black calf suede, application of “medieval decorations” on front of boxes.
STAND: Black calf suede.
PROTECTIVE BOX: Black calfskin, gray glazed goatskin, brass types, fragments from the original first edition bindings, cloth, and paper.
Price: $ 12,000.-

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Design explanation
The book object IVANHOE is supposed to draw a person attention near to the chivalrous time of Richard the Lionheart.
In this object are both beauty and roughness of medieval times represented by details of its design. The bindings are decorative, representing a beauty of a castle inside, but they also contain crude doublures. Decorative boxes are covered with rough leather, depicting a castle’s walls. The middle opening of the box is shoving a castle’s gate. Left and right openings are showing decoration walls inside of a castle.
Two of the decorations of lions are honors to king Richard.
The panel with the fragments of the original bindings is showing a history of the book. There are fragments from the spines, decorative paper from covers and also an exlibris from an owner, who had gotten hold of this first edition of IVANHOE in 1880.