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 JAN SOBOTA, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                             THE WATER      

 Description from Philip Pirages catalog:       

"With a Cresting Ocean Wave as its Front Cover


(Oldham: Incline Press for Designer Bookbinders, 2008). 279 x 222 mm (11 x 8 3/4"). [104] pp. ONE OF 550 COPIES, this being one of 400 issued as sets of unbound sheets for the International Competition of Designer Bookbinders.

STUNNING CONCEPTUAL BINDING BY JAN SOBOTA (stamp-signed on rear doublure), UPPER COVER A PALE GREEN CRESTING WAVE cast in polyurethane, lower cover and flat spine of dark green goatskin with aqua title inlay on spine, TEAL BLUE PIGSKIN DOUBLURES, front doublure with a sparkling, hand-painted drop of water at center, marbled flyleaves. In a blue-green pigskin solander box, its interior molded to fit the undulating cover and lined with bright green suede; inlaid green morocco title on spine and suminagashi paper edges. With 11 original illustrations by various contemporary artists, four of them double-page, all but one in color. In mint condition.

This is Jan Sobota's ingenious and delightful contribution to the 2009 International Designer Bookbinders Competition, in which copies of the "Water" text were made available to eminent hand binders around the world. The book contains poems in multiple languages by poets as diverse as Catullus, Emily Dickinson, and Lorenzo de Medici, all exploring different aspects of the element so crucial to life as we know it. The amazing cover designed by Sobota employs shape, texture, and color to replicate a gently cresting ocean wave, poised to break just above the edge of the front board. The undulating polyurethane is painted on the bottom to reflect the rippling of the top, and the naturally occurring bubbles only add to the verisimilitude. Sobota's design was one of 117 selected for inclusion in the "Bound for Success" exhibit, organized by the Bodleain Library and displayed in Boston, San Francisco, and at the Grolier Club in New York after its run in Oxford. (CJS1102)"'

Size: Height 275 mm Width 236mm Depth 65mm