J@J Sobotovy

Le Tour du Monde

JAN SOBOTA, 2005                              
Jules Verne, Bienales Mondiales de la Reliure D’Art, Francie, 2004
Press Jean-Francois Mamier, typography Chambon-sur-Lignon (Haute-Loire).
Edition of 1000. This book is number 467.
 Sobotas’ box binding structure with doubled boards and a middle opening. Top board covered 
with dark green and light blue goatskin, doublures/inner boards covered with light brown goatskin.  
Light blue middle strip, with the application of colored Japanese paper is encircling the binding. 
The design depicts the Earth’ segment approximately from equator to 60th latitude which 
determinates the route described in the story. The design is complemented by hand printing with blue 
color. Dark green strips on top and bottom of the binding are finished with the same leather on both 
ends of the box.  Gold tooling with 23 carat is on inner parts of the strips and on the title. 
Roughly sewn headbands are supposed to depict ship ropes. 
Size: 29,5 x 21,5 x 5 cm.