J@J Sobotovy

Moje abeceda

Moje Abeceda by Josef Lada

Designed, published and bound in leather in limited edition of 60 numbered and signed copies by Jarmila Sobota, in Loket, Czech Republic, 2005. (20 bindings finished). This is an alphabet book. Each letter has colored picture with objects related to the letter. The structure is a strip of doubled red paper to which the images are attached on both sides. When fully stretched out it is almost 27 ‘’ long.
Three different color versions:
Front and back boards of this accordion fold are covered in either red, green or orange “English paper”. An “A” and “Z” are cut out of board and covered with red, green or red/black decorative leather. The outside of box is covered in “English paper”. An “A” shape is cut out on front cover. Title on spine. The little sayings with the letters are in the Czech language.

Size: 5 x 4 cm. or 1,97 x 1,57 in.