J@J Sobotovy

Le Tour

Jarmila Jelena Sobotova, 2005


Around the world in 80 days ($4000)

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Jules Verne, Bienales Mondiales de la Reliure D’Art, Francie, 2004
Press Jean-Francois Mamier, typography Chambon-sur-Lignon (Haute-Loire).
Limited Edition of 1000. This book is number 467.

Bookbinding description: Sobotas’ three coverboard binding structure. Top board covered with black goatskin, middle board covered with gold calfskin, doublures black goatskin. Leather headbands with gold tooling. Colored edges. Image of a “Boat” printed on front and back doublures.
On front board is relief application depicting a globe with marked rout. A globe is made of binders board, covered with black and dark red goatskin. Around a globe is a circle with wooden letters with title of the book. Around the book is a circle containing frames with reduced copies of some of the illustrations from the book. The pictures are printed on velum. The last frame is a clasp for the book.

Decorative container is covered with black goatskin with a circle of magnifying glass.

Size: 28 x 19,5 x 6 cm.