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Jarmila Jelena Sobotova, 2002


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Pierre Benoit, Printed for 7. Biennale Mondiale de la Reliure d'Art, 2002

Bookbinding description: Jan Sobota’s Three Coverboard Structure. Top boards are covered with black pigskin, middle boards with metallic leather, doublures with dark green sheepskin. Leather headbands with metallic onlay. Colored edges with painted design. Paste paper endpapers.

Design consists of 10 niches with colored Plexiglas and bedded relief of soldiers.
Figures of soldiers in niches: Bedded relief covered with metallic leather with black tooling.
Figures of soldiers on the bottom parts of front and backboards: Imbedded relief covered with dark green leather with black tooling.

Decorative box: Binders board covered with black leather with “grated window”.

Size: 280 x 193 x 60 mm


Book Binding Open

Book Binding with Box